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Start building on the Verzuz API today

One API instead of 12 APIs of insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe

Verzuz is the most advanced platform in Central Europe, allowing you to get insurance quotes from multiple insurers at once and integrate them into your processes.

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AURES Holdings, a.s.

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European Compensation Services s.r.o.

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Broker Trust, a.s.

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iPoint service s.r.o.

Who we work with

Loga AAA Auto, Encall, Erste Group, Broker Trust (ještě někdo?) We are an API-first business and also a company that cares about the results of their clients. AAA Auto chose us to achieve more than 50% time savings on their car insurance arrangements.

Broker Trust and their 1300 financial advisors drive their insurance business today with the intuitive interface that Verzuz offers.

Get in touch and let us help you figure out how to save millions of dollars a year by implementing Verzuz.

I'm interested in the possibilities of Verzuz

Why Verzuz?

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Million-dollar business impact

We are your expansion partner. Don't integrate a new API for every state. Do it like our clients do.

Start with one country and then let us help you expand. It's simple.

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User and developer experience

Whether you want to give access to Verzuz to your sales team or just integrate insurance calculations on the front-end of your solution, we're on hand to help, and in a very intuitive way.

Developers praise us and salespeople negotiate insurance in 50% of the time and upsell 1.3x more.

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Cost savings and speed of deployment

There are some things that internal development helps you keep the know-how in-house. But insurance company APIs are not.

Delegate this annoying responsibility to us and you just enjoy the fact that unlike insurance company APIs, we don't make daily changes to ours and guarantee non-stop availability.

Read the AAA Auto case study Icon arrow

What insurance companies and what
insurance policies can you help me with?

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How do you integrate Verzuz?

Be among our other partners such as AAA Auto, EUCS, DataLife, BrokerTrust or Encall. How to do it?

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Map out your process

Do you sell cars that you also insure during the sales process, or are you a Bank House and would like to expand your offering to your clients?

We always start with a joint workshop to map your sales process.

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Verzuz in or out of
your system

Whether it makes sense to use Verzuz including an intuitive interface or it would be a shame to send users to another application and you want to keep them with you and use Verzuz as an API.

Both options have their uses, and it's up to you which one you choose.

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Leave the effectiveness
evaluation to us

do you want to know in advance if and what impact the integration will have on your business?

We have done integrations to different types of clients and more, what impact Verzuz can have in your business will be one of the first things we will calculate.

Verzuz product

The first unified API for property insurance

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Verzuz API

The Verzuz API is a modern REST API that automatically sends your requests to all insurance companies in the market.

The Verzuz API allows marketers to underwrite insurance, upsell handy add-ons, and not duplicate their work.

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Plan your user journey

The Verzuz API frees developers from having to perform complex, time-consuming and costly API integrations for individual insurance companies.

It saves them the hassle of duplicate and redundant queries that slow down and confuse users, and most importantly, it frees their hands from constantly having to keep track of changes to each insurance company's APIs.

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Ready for expansion

A big benefit of the Verzuz API is the ability to use it to expand to other countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, and from Q1/24 also Poland) and thus have only one API integrated in all countries.

The company

Verzuz is the first company to consolidate the fragmented property insurance market in Central and Eastern Europe.

The team

Verzuz is backed by a team of senior managers who bring experience in software development for insurance and banking institutions in Central Europe, and Verzuz API builds on this experience.

We are starting in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and heading to Austria, Hungary and Slovenia in the next few years.


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Get access to APIs of all
insurance companies Ikona zámek

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